Whether you are training pilots, hauling cargo, or flying for work or pleasure, Discovery Aviation manufactures modern, economical, easy to maintain, flexible, and rugged aircraft to meet the demands of today’s toughest aviation requirements.

The Discovery XL2

The Discovery XL2 single engine 2-place aircraft is easy to maintain, and built with a strong and reliable composite fuselage. It’s an international design that’s inexpensive to fly and perfect for busy flight schools, daily intercity hops, and flexible personal use. The Discovery XL2 is considered the most frugal, gas sipping aircraft in its class. The Discovery XL2 is certified in the United States under FAR Part 23 as an IFR Certified aircraft, and is certified in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The Discovery 201

The Discovery 201 two engine, 7-place aircraft is a flying utility workhorse with large cargo volumes and capacity for businesses that need a reliable, economical, and inexpensive aircraft in a variety of aviation conditions. With a rear-loading door for light freight, it is designed to operate in various weather condition and can be purchased with wheels or our unique retractable floats for land or amphibious operation. It’s perfect for hauling cargo and people, and is ideal for surveillance and special mission requirements.

Smart, Economical, Rugged Aircraft to Meet Your Demanding Business Needs.

Inexpensive to own and operate.

Both the XL2 and the 201 Discovery Aviation aircraft are recognized by owners and pilots around the world for their innovative design, low cost of ownership, ease of maintenance, safety, reliability, and great performance.

Uniquely International.

Discovery Aviation has deep roots in American, European and Russian aviation development and technology. Discovery Aviation aircraft are uniquely designed and produced to meet requirements that are not currently available in the global light aircraft utility and general aviation market today. Discovery Aviation has a growing global presence and is attracting experienced, talented people for flight training, sales and service.

What are your needs?

Discovery Aviation aircraft can be configured to meet your specific business or personal requirements. Call or email Discovery Aviation today to start a conversation about how our unique aircraft can be custom configured to meet your needs.


The Discovery 201 is an extremely flexible, light utility aircraft designed for operation on land, sea and snow. Our aircraft offer uniquely large cargo volumes and capacity, with easy access via rear loading. Discovery aircraft can operate on land and water at the same time, with our unique retractable floats.


Discovery Aviation is committed to provide the aviation community with modern, flexible, rugged light utility aircraft that will serve their requirements for access to all parts of the globe, with the capability to operate on the water, in the snow, rough operating fields, and today’s IFR domain.
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The world’s best and most economical certified IFR trainer/personal aircraft. The Discovery XL2 has been carefully designed for safety. Since our decision to undertake certification of the Discovery XL2, we have placed safety at the top of our priority list.


The Discovery XL2 is the next generation training/touring aircraft offering today’s flight schools and individual pilots a two seat aircraft that far surpasses any of its competition. The aircraft’s high levels of safety, performance, comfort, economy and affordability have never been available before.
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